This is a bugfixed version of my Blackthornprod Gamejam #1 entry "Code4Coffee" ( The original version had critical bugs that can make the game unplayable after the first coffees. I will merge both versions after the ratings are over, so please comment on the original link.

Changelog (24.10.2018):

  • Critical: Coffee won't spawn outside the area anymore
  • Critical: Camera won't lose focus on the player anymore
  • Coffees will respawn correctly
  • Tweaked movement a little bit so it's less frustrating
  • Animated the green arrow so it's more obvious where to go.
  • WEBGL-version for easier accessibilty (Had to change Powerup from "Alt" to "CTRL")


My contribution to the Blackthornprod GAME JAM #1.

You work as a dev in a game company. Move around your new office with code to get as many coffees as possible and avoid your collegues. Have fun!


You need a keyboard to play this game. Enter the code lines you see on the screen to move your Player in the direction of the codeline and collect coffees.

It's really important to type the the codelines correctly, so check the case sensitivity + spelling and don't forget the semicolon :). Additional/Less whitespaces infront or after the characters "=(),;" are valid.

The speed you gain is dependend on the number of characters in the codeline.

The green arrow points towards the coffee, the white arrow is your current direction.


If you have >10 Coffees you've discoverd all mechanics (enemies, 2 powerups), but you can still play the game and earn more.

Autocomplete Powerup explained: Your autocomplete only works if the codeline is unique in the current window, so if there is "int armor = 310;" and "int armor = 130;", you have to either type "int armor = 3" + TAB or "int armor = 1" + TAB to move in the direction.


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